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About Us

Home Audio solutions is a custom Home Theater or audio/video company built on customer satisfaction in Chennai, India. We are very innovative in creating seamless audio/video projects with endless class. We bring our customers ideas and dreams to life from small installs to large challenging projects along with custom acoustic solutions and Automation systems. Our Experience over a decade with young certified and graduated Technicians and Home theater brands in industry has made us the leaders in building, customizing, and installing any audio/video equipment for a unique room or Theater or any commercial audio solutions required by our wise customers and clients. Only company with Fair Price policy and complete two years after sales service.

Home Audio Solutions is a team based in Chennai, India to provide complete Home theater and commercial audio solutions for residential,Commercial and corporate applications. We have been carried out projects like Hotel Bar audio system, Office conference room setups, industrial audio solutions, Public address system, Church audio solutions, School announcement systems, Night clubs, Commercial cinema theatres, Home theatres in appartments and many more projects. Our Engineers can do any kind of audio setups including car audio installations anywhere in India. We have been awarded as the best Home Theatre installers by JD Awards, India. Call us any time at 85259-12345