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Soundproof panels and acoustic absorbers in Chennai for your convenience

Acoustics for Home theatres are generally a very tedious work to achieve accuracy and efficiency of the equipments installed. Our Sound Engineer Mr.Jeff Nemec from Canada is well known for Theaters, Home theaters, Restaurants, Auditoriums and Studies. Home Audio Solutions Acoustics not only provide the largest selection of high quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices, but provide customers with a professional design with 3D rendering and support Technicians to help you achieve a quality acoustic space.


Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panel is a special kind of board made of sound absorbing materials. Its job is to provide sound insulation.


Made from fiberglass material and normally framed in a wide variety of fabrics, these panels can be hung from walls and ceilings. If you want to make it movable, you can just use a stand and prop it up in any place you want to use it. Panels can be bought in different format.We use them to give acoustic corrections for Mid and Hi frequencies.


Architectural Panels

Architectural acoustics is the science and engineering of achieving a good sound within a building and is a branch of acoustical engineering.

There are three ways to improve workplace acoustics and solve workplace sound problems – the ABCs.

  • A = Absorb (via drapes, carpets, ceiling tiles, etc.)
  • B = Block (via panels, walls, floors, ceilings and layout)
  • C = Cover-up (via sound masking)
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Bass Traps

Bass Traps are acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to damp low frequency sound energy with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency(LF) room response by reducing LF resonances in rooms.


They are commonly used in recording studios, mastering rooms, home theatres and other rooms built to provide a critical listening environment.


Playing or listening to music, watching videos or presenting a project always involves the issue of disturbing your neighbors. People tend to complain at loud music or sounds and it may result in negative consequences you certainly don’t need. However, what to do when you are a club or café owner, who needs proper music and sound atmosphere 24/7? Should you abandon your dreams of achieving an incredible quality of sound, because you cannot enjoy it all the time?

Our answer is no!

Our 10 years’ experience made us competent enough to offer a solution to any possible issue of workplace acoustics. Our range of offers takes into account any type of business, lifestyle and building and guarantees you that, by employing our services, you get:

  • the best tech support
  • eco-friendly sound-improving equipment
  • contemporary solutions
  • improved quality of sound

We work with the following sound-controlling tools:

Acoustic Panels

Special boards created specifically for sound absorption. Insulate sound regardless of the volume level and do not clash with the interior of the room thanks to the flexible and unobtrusive design.

Bass Traps

Bass traps are a real salvation for those, who own a home studio or simply love loud music. Made of super thick sound absorbing materials, they provide a nice alternative to soundproof panels, damping sound energy and relieving you of dealing with your furious neighbors.

Architectural Panels

One of our tasks includes providing acoustic solutions without clashing with the design of the room. Using our broad architectural acoustic experience, we study the building and find out how we can use its special features and control the surfaces to amplify the sound quality.

Leave your sound-related problems to the best experts and acoustic wall dealers in Chennai.

Having worked with the large variety of customers, we developed a flexible personal approach to any problem. Therefore, by contacting us, you are to receive the best solution for you, your room and your neighbors. Our acoustic panels and other sound equipment are installed almost everywhere in Chennai – you can count on us!