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Some Information about Home Theater Configuration

The choice of loudspeakers is very important for home cinema installations. They come at the end of the sound reproduction chain (source, amplifier, cable, speaker) and enable you to enjoy the quality of Home Cinema multi-channel soundtracks (channels, music, surround effects…).

Most speakers have been developed to operate in Stereo hi-fi and in Home Cinema. If you already have Hi-fi loudspeakers and you wish to upgrade to a multi-channel configuration, we recommend you use a centre loudspeaker, effect loudspeakers and a bass loudspeaker from the same loudspeaker range. Loudspeakers from the same range generally feature identical technologies and significantly similar electronics. This is the best solution to guarantee perfect timbre coherence and improved reproduction of effects or spatialisation in the room.

Home Cinema Good loudspeakers will work for both Stereo Hi-fi and Home Cinema. They are perfectly capable of expressing themselves in the 2 different modes. Setting them up can be a more delicate matter, i.e. when it comes to choosing amplification sources and solutions, as, most of the time, amplifiers are specialised for one use rather than the other. Depending on tastes and constraints, some people can choose to set up 2 different amplification systems on the same loudspeakers, others choose to compromise or use a single configuration.