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Model : Marantz PM-KL-PERALITE

Price : Rs 92,999


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Features of Marantz PM-KL-PERALITE

Using many of the high end components found in the original Pearl and thanks to Ken Ishiwata's incredible attention to detail, the PM-KI Pearl Lite offers a very impressive performance. It features the Marantz current feedback architecture allowing the delivery of high precision audio that is open and dynamic. The copper plated chassis reduces noise and distortion, and ensures improved grounding, for a cleaner overall sound. The PM-KI Pearl Lite also features a double layered bottom plate for stability and double shielded toroidal transformer, which can deliver enough power for even the most demanding speakers.

Perfect for smaller systems in a den, bedroom, or dorm, the PM5004 lets you experience musical details you never before noticed on your favorite recordings, whether they're on LPs, CDs, or even high-resolution SACDs and DVD-Audio discs in stereo mode. You'll clearly discern the distinct voices of individual musicians, while the ensemble sound remains full and balanced.

To maximize audio performance, Marantz's engineers took extensive care with every aspect of the PM5004's design and construction. Audiophiles will appreciate touches like a source direct mode that bypasses the tone controls to provide the cleanest signal possible.