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Model : Marantz SA-KL-PERALITE

Price : Rs 92,999


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Features of Marantz SA-KL-PERALITE

For thirty years, famed audio engineer, violinist, and music lover Ken Ishiwata has been helping Marantz develop some of the world's finest audio equipment. His three decades worth of experience and dedication have culminated in the SA-KI Pearl. Mr. Ishiwata personally supervised every detail of this limited edition Super Audio CD player to ensure that it delivers lifelike music reproduction that expresses all the emotion of the original recording.

The SA-KI Pearl's solid design starts with a copper-plated chassis, aluminum top cover, and double-layered bottom plate that all work together to virtually eliminate noise and vibration. Inside, the player includes high-quality parts hand-picked by Ken Ishiwata himself for their excellent sound quality. And a beefy, copper-shielded toroidal power transformer delivers a constant stream of clean current. Even the player's front-panel LCD is a special design that radiates no noise into the audio signal path. It all adds up to rich, rhythmic sound with a broad, deep soundstage and exceptional imaging.

A sophisticated digital-to-analog converter retrieves the fine details contained on high-resolution SACDs. It can even help you rediscover some of the forgotten gems in your standard CD collection by revealing subtle nuances that you may never have noticed. The SA-KI Pearl can also play home-burned CDs and those loaded with MP3 and WMA files, so you'll enjoy clear, precise sound from every disc in your library.

This player's machined brass RCA stereo outputs are widely spaced so you can easily connect high-quality patch cords. You also get optical and coaxial digital outputs for CD playback. When using the analog connections, you can disable the digital outputs so there's no chance of stray emissions impacting the analog circuitry. The SA-KI Pearl also includes an optical digital input, letting you take advantage of this player's high-end digital-to-analog converter with another digital source component, like a digital music server.

  • Selectable digital filters for fine-tuning sound.
  • Digital out off mode for pure sound when using the analog outputs.
  • Highly rigid Xyron™ disc mechanism.
  • HDAM-SA2 circuits resist noise, heat, and vibration for more dynamic audio.
  • Hand-selected high-quality internal components.
  • Toroidal power transformer with copper-shielded case.
  • Copper-plated chassis with double-layered bottom plate.
  • 5mm aluminum top cover.