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Pioneer DV-3052V


Model : Pioneer DV-3052V

Price : Rs.3,432


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Features of Pioneer DV-3052V

It has been a while since my last post. Here is a series of reviews... After 3+ years my Philips DVP3360K died a violent death. I was going to watch a movie one night and when I turned on the AVR power the thing just popped loudly. When I opened it I saw that an IC exploded (which was located in the PSU section). I tried to fix it (even replaced the PSU with working one from another Philips) but I believe the main board had somehow become colateral damage.A sad day but once again a time to select and buy new gear! :-) I contemplated at first if I should buy a Bluray player now but decided against it since the units within my budget were not 3D capable (which I hope to get into soon). Besides, I can always hook up my tablet to the Plasma if I wanted to watch a hi-def movie. Furthermore, we always just watch DVD or AVI material so a replacement DVD Player is the smart choice for us. I am sure now that I wanted something that upscales (because I really see the difference), reads any DVD media, is a reputable and sturdy brand, and has HDMI and USB. Going through the available choices at the nearby appliance centers we narrowed it down to Pioneer, Philips, Sony, and Samsung. Eventually Sony and Samsung were dropped because they are said to be finicky with media. So it was down to Pioneer and Philips specifically the Pioneer DV-3032KV and the Philips DVD3880K. Having had two Philips players over the past 8 years it seemed a logical choice specially considering the claim at something called CinemaHD but my gut feeling said that it was time to try the Pioneer unit which it turns out is a newly released model. This is a short review of the Pioneer DV-3032KV. First it has the following main features: Upscaling, DivX, HDMI, USB, and a claim to be able to read any DVD media even scratched ones so it fits my needs nicely.

Here are some details...

  • DivX*2.
  • JPEG PhotoViewer.
  • HD JPEG and MP3/WMA.
  • Photo + Music Mix (JPEG Slideshow with Music).
  • Karaoke Mic Echo/Digital Key Control.
  • Sound Retriever.
  • Dual PureCinema Progressive Scan (PAL/NTSC).