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Pioneer HTP-071


Model : Pioneer HTP-071

Price : Rs.22,000


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Features of Pioneer HTP-071

In the looks department, the Pioneer HTP-071 scores full points – its nondescript components will blend into any home setting and the "Pioneer" logo emblazoned on the front paneling speaks volumes of its lineage. This model consists of a well-built 6 channel audio video receiver, and a complete 5.1 surround sound system that, believe us, needs to be heard to be believed. But more on that later. This seven piece home theatre system comes with four S-11-P satellite speakers (with a central channel speaker), an S-22W-P subwoofer, and the vaunted VSX-321-K-P receiver. The satellite speakers' look small, curvy, and glamorous, but don't let their looks deceive you; they're heavy and pack quite a punch. Speaking of punches, if you decide to watch a kung-fu movie, bear in mind that every punch, kick and flail will be accompanied with deep bass grunts from the muscular subwoofer – it is NOT for the faint-hearted. Build quality is well above average with the metal connectors snapping shut on bare metal wire or banana plugs with a satisfying click. Without any further ado, we'll show you how well the HTP-071's sound system did when we put it through its paces. Most audiophiles (and video-philes) will agree that sometimes, even HTiB products from good manufacturers only sound (and look) "good enough". Audiophiles will go a step further and say that it's the sound system that makes or breaks a home theatre system. On that front, the HTP-071 scores a full hundred. Size-wise, the front satellite speakers (106 × 116 × 106 mm each) weigh about 800 grams. The centre channel speaker (270 × 100 × 106 mm) is slightly heavier at 1 kg. The rear satellite speakers (106 × 116 × 106 mm each) weigh in at 600 grams. All speakers are heavy enough to dampen vibrations from audio frequencies that clip – thus preventing (or at least, reducing to a great extent) the possibility of "tearing" of an audio track. They are also small enough to be discreetly placed around your living room. The drivers of all five speakers are protected. The speakers can also be mounted quite easily. The centre channel speaker has a flattened base that keeps it quite steady on a flat surface – it will probably be positioned just below your television

Pioneer VSX-321K Receiver

Maximum Power(6ohom/1KHz/10% THD/1ch) - 120 W


  • HDMI - 4
  • AV (Composite Video + LR) - Yes
  • 2 - 2
  • Digital (Optical/Coax.) - 1/1


  • HDMI - 1
  • Audio LR - 1
  • AV (Composite Video + LR) - Yes
  • Head Phone - Yes
  • Speaker Terminal - Push type
  • HD Audio Decoder - Yes
  • Advanced Sound Retriever - Yes
  • Phase control - Yes
  • HDMI Ver. 1.4a 3D - Yes
  • HDMI Ver. 1.4a ARC - Yes

Front S-11 Speaker Package

  • Contents - 5ch 1 pack(Front*2, Centre*1, Surround*2)
  • Front SP units (Full range)- 7.7 cm Cone*1
  • Centre SP unit (Full range)- 7.7 cm Cone*1
  • Surround SP units (Full range)- 7.7 cm Cone*1
  • Maximum Power- 150 W
  • Dimensions (W*H*D) Weight- 6 ohms
  • Front/strong>- 106*116*106mm/0.8 kg
  • Center- 270*100*106mm/1.0 kg
  • Surround- 106*116*106mm/0.6 kg

S-22W SubWoofer

  • Enclosure - Bass Reflex
  • Speaker Unit- 16 cm Cone
  • Frequency Range - 28-500 Hz
  • Dimensions- 230*418*358mm (Including feet)
  • Weight- 5.3kg