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Yamaha N-S333


Model : Yamaha N-S333

Price : Rs 17,980


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Features of Yamaha N-S333

This pair of Yamaha NS-333 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers can function as both front and rear speakers. Its 5" PMD cone woofer and 1" aluminum dome tweeter set a sound stage that achieves impressive efficiency and dynamic range in any size space. Whether the listening occasion calls for a symphony orchestra or battlefield drama, this model can summon either with equal conviction in any two-channel or multi-channel audio system. Yamaha's NS-333 speaker system has been designed specifically for home theater applications. The bookshelf speaker is a bass-reflex design that can be used for main or surround channels and incorporates a 5 Polymer-Injected Mica Diaphragm (PMD) cone woofer and a 1 aluminum dome tweeter. For improved imaging, the tweeter utilizes Yamaha's exclusive waveguide horn.5" Polymer-Injected Mica Diaphragm (PMD) cone woofer,1" aluminum dome tweeter,Waveguide Horn for better imaging,Internally Wired With Monster Cable--ensures a clean, clear signal from the crossover network to the speaker driver,Magnetic Shielding,Black piano finish,Grille design.Crisp clear sound. Used as front and back surround along with a sub woofer and center speaker. Sometimes I cannot believe my ears. They are very good. Don't get me wrong, you can buy more expensive speakers with better specs and 100% listening pleasure. My speakers cost $100 each and my listening pleasure surprises me all the time. They are well constructed, beautiful finish and the size is perfect for a home theater. These are a very good bookshelf speaker, that is not only good looking, with a piano finish, but easy to drive and listen to. I have been driving these speakers with a Trends T10.1, which delivers 10W a channel, and rarely have to crank the volume knob past a quarter of a turn to achieve good listening levels in a room 4 metres by 3.5 metres. As noted in a previous review the speakers are not able to grind out deep bass, but this is not a problem in most situations, and overall they are able to produce a good rounded sound, that is not tiring to listen to with no shrills or edginess. The build quality is very good, as are all the Yamaha products that I have seen, and represent excellent value.