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Boston HSI-255


Model : Boston HSI-255

Price : Rs 5,900


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Features of Boston HSI-255

The HSi 255 from Boston Acoustics is a compact 2-way LCR speaker designed for discreet installation in walls or ceilings. The speaker has a 5.25" woofer and a 0.75" Kortec tweeter to deliver crisp, realistic audio with a wide frequency response. The speaker is designed for easy installation, with a reduced bezel design for seamless integration, a paintable surface to match your decor, and a magnetic grille.

2-Way 5-1/4" LCR In-Wall Speaker. The HSi 255 in- wall effortlessly reproduces the all subtleties of today’s most dynamic digital sources for a more realistic entertainment experience, delivering improved bass performance from a 5-1/4-inch woofer and crystalline high-frequency response from a 3/4-inch Kortec® tweeter. It’s a solid performer in the Boston tradition. 3/4-inch tweeter.5-1/4" woofer.Handles up to 90 watts.Frequency response 75-20,000 Hz (±3dB).Sensitivity 90 dB.8-ohm impedance.Paintable magnetic speaker grille.

Boston Acoustics builds their HSi-series for people who love great sound but not the clutter of speakers. Movie dialogue sounds clear and the notes of woodwinds, strings and brass have a natural tone. Boston Acoustics also designs all their in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for simple do-it-yourself installation. The HSi-255 mounts flush in the wall and comes with a magnetic grille that's paintable to blend seamlessly into your home. An in wall mounting bracket is recommended for installing this speaker in a new home under construction or in a room that's undergoing major renovation. (Brackets sold as a pair.)

Deep Channel Design woofer for increased bass response from less amplifier power. Kortec tweeter for crystalline high frequencies. Reduced bezel design for seamless integration with the ceiling or wall. Wide-mouth flange and magnetic grille for easy installation. Rugged pivoting mounting arms (called "doglegs") make installation a snap