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Yamaha N-S555


Model : Yamaha N-S555

Price : Rs 22,980


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Features of Yamaha N-S555

The Yamaha NS-555 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker with dual 6.5" woofers, 5" midrange driver and 1" Aluminium Dome tweeter, features Highly Oriented Polyolefine design for improved transient response, higher power handling, and flatter frequency response. Magnetically shielded to allow placement near a TV without distorting the image. I have owned this pair speakers for three years now. I am very happy with its performance with two channel music listening or as a home theater speaker. The first time I saw the speakers without grilles from the box, I was stunnned by their appearance, as if they costs more than a thousand dollars. At the time of purchase, no speakers in the shop costing more than these apeakers look more beautiful than the pair of yamaha ns 555 speakers. By the way, I purcahsed these apeakers for around 450 dollars (Php 25000.00). By just its appearance and looks, I believe it is already a winner not to mention that it is also the champion for its money value. I first hooked up these apeakers to a yamaha rxv 457 and I have notice immediately it tonal balance using two channel stereo music. After using it for two weeks, I noticed that its sound even become smoother and crisper. Its sound is very balance from the low end to the high end. Its sound is as clear as crystals with no emphasis in a certain frequency. When I replaced my aging rxv 457 (a very av receiver also) with the updated denon avr 1911, the speakers even sounded better, be it ht or two channel stereo. As a home theater speakers, they sounded very dyanamicwithout distortion and also very natural. This pair of speakers can match more expensive speakers that cost three or four times. These speakers are highly recommended for those looking for an excellent speaker with an entry level price. Surprisingly good sound for the price! I plugged them to Yamaha receiver using bi-wiring and this config proved perfect for stereo listening. I can only recommend these speakers - nice finish and even better sound.